11 July 2019

This issue we take stock of the biggest news featured in iGB during the first half of the year. Regulatory restrictions and advertising crackdowns predictably dominate and show no sign of abating as the industry battles increasingly hostile public and political perceptions across Europe.

Collective efforts to head off further damaging clampdowns, such as the UK big five operators’ pledge to increase their voluntary RG levy to 1% over five years, could conceivably extend to a blanket ad ban. GVC Holdings has already called for a halt to all TV ads. The appeal of potentially preserving market share by effectively blocking challenger brands from buying their way in (while at the same time saving many millions of advertising spend along the way) is clear.

How these responsibility-driven restrictions are reshaping the sector’s marketing and the CMO role are also a focus of our exclusive interview with Kindred's Elen Barber (p72).

Enjoy the issue!

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    1 July 2013

    This ‘Technology Issue’ prints as New Jersey announces its iGaming software vendor partners – the companies that will be providing the technological infrastructure for iGaming in the Garden State. And while you will read this magazine from your offices in Europe and Asia, you may be thinking that there will be limited impact from US iGaming on your business. 

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    1 March 2013

    While Nevada has reformed its gaming legislation so that its poker rooms no longer need to wait for federal regulation or DoJ approval to go online, New Jersey and Delaware have successfully passed legislation bringing their full suites of casino products online. But what impact will this have on operators in European markets? The expertise of existing iGaming operators will now be greatly sought after in the three aforementioned states.