iGaming Age & Identity Verification: What Regulators Need to Know

18th June 2014

With talk of iGaming spreading in North America, the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), with the support of iGaming Business, is hosting a webinar to educate regulators on an important aspect of Internet gaming: age and identify verification.

This webinar is being run by the International Association of Gaming Regulators, and is supported by iGaming Business.

Eamonn Toland, President, Paddy Power North America, will discuss how operators carry out iGaming age and identify verification providing an important opportunity for regulators to learn about these online gaming safeguards.

IAGR is an international association of gaming regulators that works to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation and provides a forum in which gaming regulators can meet and exchange views and information. IAGR holds its 2014 conference October 27-29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.iagr.org.

You can download the webinar slides here.


Eamonn Toland
Job title:
Paddy Power North America


Eamonn became North America President in 2012, responsible for identifying and managing opportunities for the group. Paddy Power has never advertised or accepted play from the United States, either before or after UIGEA. It has received a finding of suitability from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Prior to his appointment, Eamonn ran the $450m turnover telephone betting channel for Paddy Power for nearly 5 years.