IBIS Capital Global Gaming Investment Review

29 February 2016

IBIS Capital published its 2015 review of the global gaming market this month. The research focuses on video, social and other mainstream games and includes case studies on esports and the monetisaiton of social and mobile games.

IBIS's research showed that the sector as a whole recorded revenues of US$91.5bn in 2015. The amount represents a rise of 9% on 2014's figures and revenues per screen were split as follows. 


Revenue split per user-screens:   

  • Computer screen: US$33.7bn, +7% YoY, 27% screen share 
  • Entertainment screen: US$25.1bn, +2 YoY, 37% screen share
  • Personal screen (mobile): US$20.6bn, +21% YoY, 23% screen share
  • Floating screen (console, tablet): US$12.1bn, +14% YoY, 13% screen share

IBIS points out that mobile and online games will lead the charge when it comes to growth, M&A and finance raising totalled a record US$15bn in 2015, thanks to deals such as Facebook's acquisition of VR specialist Oculus, Amazon buying Twitch or Softbank buying up Clash of Clans producer Supercell.  

Further information on regional market breakdowns, projected growth across different platforms, multi-channel distribution levels, new entrants and further consolidaiton plays can be found by clicking on the e-mag link below.