Honeypotlotto.com on the micro lottery revolution

11 September 2019

A new player has emerged in the world of online lottery promising a global audience with the best micro lottery experience and favourable lotto odds in the world.

Honeypotlotto is owned and operated by Honeypot Lotto Limited, a fully Class 3 registered online digital micro lottery business registered and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Honeypotlotto.com feels it is at the forefront of the new micro lotteries format. A micro lottery works in providing players a low cost entry to games which have restricted player quotas and a guaranteed payout odd. Lottery ticket purchases cater for all appetites ranging from €1 through to €100, with more popular options being the €5, €10 and €20 games.

The micro lottery format relies on small game pools with known fixed odds. Its strongest feature is its transparency with restricted game quotas and known game payout. As Rodney Andriolo from Honeypotlotto states: “If you want to have a bet, why can’t you feel like you have a chance of winning.”

The company philosophy is a ‘small win goes a long way’. Rodney is not shy in stating that the vision “is about understanding what your odds are, and we are all about small wins not big jackpots. For example, with Honeypotlotto.com you have a 1 in 15,000 chance of winning €20,000 with a €10 ticket purchase, it’s easy to understand and play.”

Honeypotlotto.com has grown to have a presence in Malta and a development hub in Australia.

“The focus for us is to provide our players with the best odds and user experience via our global digital platform. We are always asking ourselves; how can we continue to innovate? How can we improve the games for the best outcome for our players?”

It’s early days yet, but the company feels momentum is building around Honeypotlotto.com: “We are keen to forge relationships with investors and established providers as we see the micro lottery format as complementary to mega jackpot lotteries. It is all about opening up new market segments and this can only be good for the lottery sector.”

With an extended push into European and North American market planned and an ongoing development schedule, Honeypotlotto.com is committed to long term market and segment growth.

Watch this space, as this purely on-line offering hopes to be nimble, fast paced and a formidable niche leader.