16 August 2013

Much has changed within online poker over the last few years. That’s why iGaming Business have produced a brand new 4th edition of The Global Business of Poker that will address many of the questions you may now be asking, such as: has the demand for online poker peaked?  What are the effects of rakeback on margins? What are the full consequences of ‘Black Friday’ and what potential is there for online poker if the US opens its doors again?

The Global Business of Poker (4th edition) offers you a comprehensive overview of the key markets and includes forecasts up to 2015. If you are in the business of online poker you cannot afford to miss out on this essential business intelligence.

This valuable report will allow you to develop and execute a successful online poker experience and give you the key data and analysis to allow you to easily identify and exploit new opportunities. The Global Business of Poker gives you in-depth analysis on the factors affecting growth in the industry; including the Smartphone revolution and it’s affect on poker offerings and how social gaming is now part of the online poker mix. You will find a range of intelligence to inform and shape your business strategy.

The 4th edition is unrivalled in the breadth and depth of case studies of the major online poker sites and networks. You will be able to clearly see who the winners and losers are in this sector, which business models are the most successful, how companies are increasing revenue and the most effective marketing strategies. The Global Business of Poker will allow you will learn from the experience of others and avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.

Summary of Content:

Growth of online Poker - Regional Overviews and demographics - Major Poker Properties –Online Poker Market - Mobile Poker Market - Poker and Social Media - Poker and TV- Commercial Models in Online Poker - Marketing, Sponsorship and Poker Prize Funds - Regulation - Outlook and Forecasts

To order your copy of The Global Business of Poker (4th Edition) simply email reports@igamingbusiness.com or call our sales team on +44 (0) 20 7954 3489.