Global Business of Poker (Fifth Edition) - FULL REPORT

1 May 2013

The Global Business of Poker (Fifth Edition) will give you a comprehensive overview of the key markets and forecasts up to 2016. The report offers in-depth analysis on the factors affecting growth in the industry and a range of intelligence to inform and shape your business strategy.

Key topics covered in The Global Business of Poker include:

The smartphone revolution and how it is affecting poker offerings
How social gaming is now part of the digital poker mix
The best business models, monetisation and marketing strategies
Regulatory issues
The future of the digital poker market.

If you are in the business of online poker you cannot afford to miss out on this essential business intelligence. This invaluable report will allow you to develop and execute a successful online poker experience and give you the key data and analysis to allow you to easily identify and exploit new opportunities.

Summary of Content:
Growth of online Poker - Regional Overviews and demographics - Major Poker Properties –Online Poker Market - Mobile Poker Market - Poker and Social Media - Poker and TV- Commercial Models in Online Poker - Marketing, Sponsorship and Poker Prize Funds - Regulation - Outlook and Forecasts