GiG launches real-time data platform with Megalotto

27 April 2020

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has launched its real-time data platform with its first B2B customer Megalotto, further extending its partnership with the lottery betting brand.

GiG’s data platform is designed to respond to the operator’s data needs by providing a real-time, compliant, secure and self-serving platform.

The solution will provide Megalotto with insights through several services in real-time, helping their business intelligence. In addition, it features a standard KPI library across all tools incorporated with artificial intelligence that work hand in hand. Player safety and AML are also covered with the platform.

Ben Clemes, chief commercial officer at GiG, said: “We are excited to expand our partnership with Megalotto to include GiG Data. Our real-time data platform offers operators a fast and scalable self-service tool that enhances business intelligence. GiG Data provides a secure and compliant data framework, which is responsive to the critical data needs of our partners.”

Grant Williams, CEO at Megalotto, said: “A key strategic objective for Megalotto is to be a data-driven organisation which can extract and interpret a mixture of financial and transactional data in real-time, to make better decisions for the customer and for the company. The tools we now have available via GiG Data means we can continue to deliver on our vision to offer a personalised lottery and gaming experience to all of our customers, across all markets.”