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22 December 2015

We are pleased to announce that we just released the first ever LOTTOTECH white paper. The expert piece is on the topic of “Lotteries in the 21st Century: The Transition from Traditional Retail to Digital Distribution”.

As the title suggests, in this paper you will learn about the ways traditional land-based lotteries are gradually shifting from paper tickets to modern online and mobile channels of distribution, but also more about:

  • Why are lotteries lagging behind when the whole world has moved online?
  • What challenges and opportunities are there on the contemporary global lottery industry landscape?
  • Why is lottery the fastest growing online gaming vertical with the biggest business potential and, last but not least,
  • How can you become part of it?

Apart from providing answers to the questions above, the first LOTTOTECH white paper also details out some innovative digital lottery business concepts, business models, optimization strategies and other useful advice for starting your own successful online lottery business.

No matter whether you are a seasoned online gaming expert, digital media professional, affiliate marketer, Internet entrepreneur or simply passionate about the hot topics of online lottery and B2B lottery software, you will find our white paper highly valuable and interesting.

“Lotteries in the 21st Century: The Transition from Traditional Retail to Digital Distribution” is the first part of a series of expert publications LOTTOTECH will release over time in order to open up the industry and raise informedness about its opportunities.

Download the white paper for free now and also check out the LOTTOTECH blog for more interesting articles on various industry topics.

Happy Holidays from the LOTTOTECH Team!