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11 May 2003

I would like to thank everyone who has been promoting the GOM/ Readers Choice Awards Poll. We have received approximately 5,000 votes to date and would like to encourage all sites to Promote! Promote! Promote! There is still plenty of time to have your players vote on your behalf. Honestly, this years awards are up for grabs and it is up to each site to let their players know that the Poll is up and running!

Remember the awards are given by our readers and your players. If your players think that you have the 'Top Site' in any of our 30 categories, then they should be made aware of the Poll. The Poll will be up and running at until Aug 20, 2003. We will announce the winners in our annual November edition. Every site who wins or receives an honorable mention will receive the coveted Gold or Silver Award Coin. This Coin shows that your site is the leader in the Gaming Industry and has been given the seal of approval by the Readers of Gambling Online Magazine and

Many of you have asked how can we promote the Readers Choice Poll? My suggestions are to include the information in newsletters, on your site, forums and with any other promotion that will help maximize your potential to receive votes. Believe it or not your players and site visitors will vote on your behalf if they are asked to - Just ask Gone Gambling! If everyone keeps reminding their players to vote continuously you will have a better chance of receiving one or more of the awards

The Links section on our website is now open. We have several categories for you to choose to add your site into. In order to add a link, you will be required to first become a member of the site. Simply fill out the membership form at and then submit your link. It's that simple.

Should you have any questions or would like advertising information, please email me at or call 678-594-2996.

Good Luck!

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Eric Morris

Vice President

Gambling Online Magazine