The future of digital betting: eSports and skin betting

5th April 2016

This webinar, exploring the multi-million dollar betting industry within the eSports ecosystem, was run by the International Association of Gaming Regulators, with support from iGaming Business.

Mark McGuinness, eSports Betting Futurologist for Mainstream Marketing & Communications Ltd, will discuss how eSports could be the next big betting product vertical for mainstream sportsbook operators.

This webinar will explain why today's eSports loving millennials are already engaging with different betting related products.



Mark McGuinness
Mainstream Marketing & Communications Ltd
Job title:
eSports Betting Futurologist


Mark McGuinness has more than 15 years' experience in digital marketing director roles. He is the resident eSports Betting Futurologist for Isle of Man-based Mainstream Marketing & Communications Ltd, a digital marketing agency offering business and marketing advice on eSports, bitcoin, social gaming, igaming and land-based gambling.