Full Report: Lotteries in the Digital Age

22 September 2014

Lotteries, once the preserve of conservative and often national and/or local government-operated or government-sponsored organisations, have the potential to benefit from the digital revolution through reaching new customers and therefore enjoying the success that other forms of gambling and gaming have found online.

Lotteries have been slow to move into the digital gaming space. However, evidence suggests that online lottery sales are incremental to offline play instead of competitive. Digital channels are already providing lottery operators with a real chance of growing their share of the gaming pie.

And increasingly, lottery operators are recognising that in order to engage with new customers and keep their products relevant to younger people in particular, they need to develop online and mobile propositions where regulation permits. The report, by Rachael Church, provides an overview of the status of lotteries in key markets globally, as well as looking to the future of this lucrative market.

Features of this report:

  • Analysis of the key elements involved in developing and executing a successful lottery experience
  • Lottery market overviews by region, including areas of opportunity
  • A look into factors affecting growth in the industry
  • Insight into the digital and social revolution and how it is affecting lottery offerings
  • A review of current monetisation models and marketing strategies
  • Analysis of regulatory issues as well as the future of the lotteries industry
  • Case studies and interviews with the major operators and vendors
  • Commentary on where the lotteries market is heading in the future

Please find below the full report.