Fresh New Design for LCB has been burning the midnight oil for the last year and a half and all that hard work has finally paid off. The casino affiliate launched its brand new design including additional functionalities and mobile optimization.
This is so much more than a redesign, it’s a complete overhaul.  Color is the name of the game here as pops of bright color will capture the attention of visitors.  Users that have been waiting for LCB to cross over to the mobile friendly side will soon see their wish granted. The average run of the mill mobile responsive web design we’ve all become accustomed to is taken to greater heights by the LCB designers.
Among the new features is the member Dashboard. This is the place where each registered site member may customize their experience to an extent. Choose the casinos, games, jackpots and tournaments you’d like to see by setting up personal preferences as you navigate through the site. In addition to having access to all your favorite gambling related elements, members also get a quick glance at the ‘Highest Community Rated Online Casinos’, ‘Latest Forum Posts’, ‘Most Viewed Forum Posts, ‘Live Activity Feed’ and activity within the last 24 hours. The affiliate site not long ago introduced LCB Rewards, which awards members with LCB Chips for contributions to the site. The Dashboard will give an overall look at your total available chip balance and other related information.
Many of the handy features are intended to allow members to create their very own LCB. The same touches that make us feel at home on our social media pages are now available here among the series of user functionalities now available for the first time. The enhanced look also incorporates more forms of customization as members may not only select an avatar but they may now upload personal Cover Pictures adding an even more personal touch to every experience.
Searching through the lists of casinos, games and jackpots are now simpler than ever before with the introduction of refine tools and extra filters to return – here’s that word again, customized results. General search are improved by returning instant results on any keyword entered.
One of the most useful tools is the new Complaints feature. Members may now make complaints on casinos directly from review pages or on the forum. With nearly 300 casino reps on hand, LCB's number one concern is giving online gamblers the knowledge and resources to proceed with confidence.
LCB is about to unlock a whole new world for its members complete with the existing 50,000+ pages of content and so much more.