Five igaming, casino and club opportunities

31 January 2019

OCCO Games lists five igaming, casino and club opportunities ahead of ICE 2019

5) Multiplayer Tennessee Hold Em Tournaments, B2B Software Suppliers: Preorder. Reserve a place for your platform or online casino.

4) Casino & club licensing: Official monthly tournaments establishing regional champions. Automatic qualification places for annual Skill Poker World Championships.

3) VR world championships: “Red Dead Redemption” meets “West World”. Imagine boarding a Mississippi Paddle Steamer to encounter a variety of Characters from the Old West, before sitting down for some Skill Poker…

2) Real Skill Poker:  World’s first Skill Poker Tournaments and World championships. Tennessee Hold’Em champions will get be celebrated as top Skill Poker Pros. Stars of Texas Hold ‘Em will want to prove their worth in real Skill Poker

1) E-sports tournament matches: Players league results give punters stats with streaming & betting on Skill Poker matches: Time-delayed, simultaneous streaming, shows spectators parallel, card by card play allowing in - play betting.

OCCO Games, ”Pitch ICE 2019” Finalists, present:

Tennessee Hold ‘Em ICE Challenge

A skill poker tournament debuting at ICE 2019 (Free entry) Use your ICE Contact email & mobile to login:

ICE Exhibitors & Visitors : Play to Win
1st Prize: Apple iPhone X   
2nd Prize: Apple Air Pods 
3rd Prize: Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey 

1. Download App on Google Play, App Store or Facebook.
2. Register & Play Tennessee Hold ‘Em Tournaments.
3. How much can you win during the competition?
4. Buy chips and win bonuses to boost your bankroll.
5. Buy-In to $10,000,000 Tables for huge pots.
6. Top 8 Winners qualify for the Final.
7. FINAL: Best of 3 Matches / Total Chip Count
8. Competition Period: Start : 0:00, 25th January , End : 12:00, 6th February GMT
9. FINAL: Wednesday 6 February 16:00-17:00 Stand: TBC