FashionTV Casino’s been blacklisted by LCB

When someone says FashinTV the association is usually 24 hours of fashion, attractive models, branded and elegant clothes, fashion designers etc. The first association to all LCBers when FashionTV is in question is a rogue casino that has been blacklisted. Not a good association at all, hah?! The Fashion TV Gaming Group is a joint venture of Fashion TV founded in 1997. That’s a strange combination of fashion and gambling. The casino used to be a very attractive place since they were offering a wide range of games and promotions to keep all players busy and satisfied.
At first it was hard to believe that a place with a worldwide famous name is capable of doing shady business. In July 2015, a very friendly and helpful casino rep joined LCB forum promising assistance and support to all LCB members. Once the very first complaint appeared on the support thread, there was no reply, not a single word from the rep who had previously expressed their willingness to help and solve every issue that players might encounter. The complaints were pouring from day to day, the LCB’s team was striving to help those players who were waiting for weeks to get their payouts. No reply! Players were confused and angry at the same time. Months were passing by and none of the complaints were resolved.  
Reading between the lines we could realize what their initial plan was. Their strategy was to keep people waiting for too long for their payouts. After waiting too long to hear from the support, majority of the desperate players decided to cancel their withdrawals or they rolled it back. On top of that we revealed their terms and conditions for withdrawal processing fees that were vague and needed to be rectified in order to provide fair and genuine information to all players.
We were doing our best to help our players. The days were passing by, the complaints were pouring but still there was no reply from the casino’s support. The first restricted measure was to put FashionTv casino on our warning list. However, since nothing was changed for months FashionTV hit our blacklist. Unfortunately, there is still a bunch of players who have never got their money and many unresolved complaints.
To sum up. We strongly advise you to STAY AWAY from FashionTV casino no matter how tempting their name may sound. Due to long payout times or no payouts at all, rouge and vague withdrawal processing fees we suggest you to avoid them. To add also their unresponsive customer support service and the lack of communication on LCB forum. Please have all these things in mind and did a little bit of research when choosing a casino to play at.