EypoBet Casino hits the LCB Warning List

When EypoBet was added to our casino lists they encouraged players to spend euros in their casino. However, they didn’t turn out to be so prompt when withdrawals were in question. Sebastian, EypoBet’s official representative, signed up in April 2014. He was motivated to assist LCBers and be at their service at any time. They also stressed out that their customer support is available round the clock for all players’ queries and concerns. As it turned out, that was not the case.
A player was unable to reach their customer support, although he was trying hard to get someone to help him.  In November 2014, he won over 6,000 euros. After completing verification requirements, he finally got his first installment of 1,000 euros. Then the agony started. He was constantly on line with the casino rep who promised each time to contact the Finance department, explaining that work hours were not 24/7 and contact would definitely be made “tomorrow”. The next day, the player was told that his withdrawals would be prioritized and the money would finally reach his account once the process had been finished. Several months passed and they still owed him 4,000 euros. Since then, he didn’t hear back from them.
The LCB team was trying to get through to EypoBet and get this case resolved, but with no success. They did not answer our emails and did not have any intention to pay out their players. Shameful! A warning sign was added to EypoBet and our members were strongly advised not to play there anymore. The same day when the warning sign was issued, the casino paid out another 2 installments and in a couple of months the player withdrew almost the whole amount. Nevertheless, EypoBet was still under a warning sing due to vague T&C.
We had a closer look at their T&C and found out the following shady rules. With regards to withdrawals, deposits and account balance, this was stated: 2.1 “These amounts are considered as final and are not subject to any dispute”. 2.3 “EypoBet reserves the right to close down existing accounts without explanation.” How is that possible?! This would mean that the casino could freely close somebody’s account without any reasonable explanation. And there is more! Check this out! 2.14 “If the User lacks gaming activities (has not placed a bet) for a period of 2 months and does not have a pending withdrawal, then after these 2 months, the User's account will be deemed as “Inactive”. Once the account is deemed to be inactive, EypoBet reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of 10% of your EypoBet Account balance at the time the account was deemed to be inactive. You authorize EypoBet to charge this fee from your EypoBet Account on the first day following the day which your EypoBet Account is deemed inactive, and on that same day of every subsequent month that your EypoBet Account remains inactive. EypoBet will stop deducting the fee from the User's account balance if the account balance is zero or if the account is re-activated...” No comment is needed. Ridiculous!
There were also many predatory rules stated in their terms that did not make any sense. In April 2015, the LCB admin decided to remove EypoBet from the approved representative list, due to the lack of communication and the rep’s unwillingness to cooperate. They were publicly invited to post their reply on the forum. Since they didn’t do that, the warning sign remained. Finally, the casino closed in May 2016.