eFlyte Offers Inflight Gambling to Airlines 

19 September 2005

eFlyte has announced the introduction of their latest product for the airline industry – inflight gambling. At the conclusion of a two year development program, the company is ready to launch gambling on the world's international airlines.

'We believe that the time is right for inflight gambling to be introduced. A combination of factors influenced our decision to launch now. eFlyte's software architecture is proven, the new generation of IFE platforms are totally compatible with our software, while financial back office support has been validated to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the transaction processing. In addition, a number of international airlines have expressed interest in being updated on the feasibility of inflight gambling after all the excitement of nearly a decade ago,' David Morgan, CEO of eFlyte commented.

eFlyte intends to provide airline passengers a fun, challenging way to pass time on long flights, with the added bonus of accumulating winnings while relaxing at 35,000 feet. The system will have strict player controls, with access by the swipe of a credit card which will be credited or debited in the same way as any other credit card transaction. 'The idea is to provide airline passengers with a low-stakes gambling environment that will co-exist with movies, audio tracks and even our own casual games,' Morgan concluded.