ECommPay Acquires Accentpay

In February 2014, ECommPay diversified its portfolio by acquiring Russian payment aggregator Accentpay. As the two companies both have extensive experience in complementary fields, the decision is mutually beneficial in all respects.
Global payment processor ECommPay works with acquiring banks across Europe to provide its clients with bespoke payment solutions. A team of experts ensures rapid integration and a high level of security. The company has offices in several countries, offers services in multiple languages, and maintains a reputation of excellence.
Accentpay has likewise established itself as a leading payment provider, albeit in a different sphere. Prior to the acuisition, Accentpay specialised in providing services to international companies doing business in the Russian Federation, but now the company has expanded its services internationally. The payment aggregator combines the most popular payment systems into a unified gateway, enabling smooth and convenient integration.
The resources of Accentpay have enabled ECommPay to offer new payment methods without the burden of additional commission costs for clients, whereas Accentpay has greatly benefited from ECommPay’s international expertise and knowledgeable staff. ECommPay provides Accentpay with professional advice in succeeding in the European market, as well as direct access to the market(s) in question.
Though the acquisition brings forth the sharing of ideas and knowledge beneficial to both participants of the exchange, it first and foremost improves the services offered to our clients. Clients will now benefit from the combination of products and expertise available by both companies.
If you wish to accept payments on your webpage with a company offering the most diversified payment method portfolio, contact ECommPay today and we will be happy to assist.