Drive retention, lower churn & boost loyalty by taking player data beyond product development

14th July 2016

When it comes to customer data, igaming operators understand the importance of measuring players' activity levels, behavioural patterns and harnessing those findings to improve the overall player experience.

But over time, data needs to do more than guide features and functionality - it needs to power retention, lower player churn, and drive loyalty and revenue growth.

By gathering intelligence on their players' interactions with digital communications, developers can drive stronger retention through targeted messaging and marketing tactics (backed by a stronger understanding of each player at the customer level).

This webinar will explain how igaming operators can use an "omnichannel" digital messaging strategy to drive profitability by increasing customer LTV and earn measurable, attributable outcomes on stronger investment in retention.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How a better user onboarding ‘journey’ can reduce churn by as much as 20%.
  • How utilising alternative messaging channels such as browser push, rich inbox, and interstitials can boost player engagement levels.
  • How to contact 'anonymous users' with second-generation digital messaging.
  • How gaming companies are earning deposit rate increases of 4.5% and up to 300% increases in revenue per 1,000 messages sent (compared to baseline averages) through a data-powered messaging strategy.


Katie Corcoran
Job title:
Digital Marketing Consultant


Katie is a digital marketing consultant at OtherLevels, a leading digital marketing platform working with some of Europe's largest Tier 1 Gaming and eGaming Operators. Her experience spans both the gambling and music industries with a particular focus on mobile communications and in-life retention strategies.