Here it comes one of the most awaited and remarkable release of the first half of 2014: World Match proudly presents Dragon's Reels HD, their latest creation in terms of Slot Machine.

This exciting 3D, Multi-Line Slot tells the story of the invincible dragon, who hides the most amazing treasure ever discovered in his lair and the adventures of the valiant warrior who wants to lay hands on all that gold.

Andrea Boratto, Executive Director at World Match says that “with Dragon's Reels HD the players experience all the thrill of the ultimate battle to defeat the dragon, thanks to the perfect mix of native high definition graphics, 3D animations, ad hoc sounds and a themed background music”. 

The game experience is made even more rewarding by a few very innovative features that characterize this slot, making it unique.

In addition to the more classic, but always rewarding Wild and Free Spin, the brand new Dragon’s Reels HD Slot can indeed boast the Symbols Blast feature: a sudden blast that scrambles all the symbols and all winnings will be generated accordingly.
In addition, a funny and rewarding Bonus Game gives the players additional chances to increase the winnings by choosing three shiny and precious eggs of the dragon, which are hidden in the secret cave.

"World Match has always been investing in innovation to provide to the players the most user-friendly game interface and this led us to design current Controls Toolbar with keyboard shortcuts that make the game experience very easy and also to add the Autoplay, Fast Play, Spin Stop features to speed up the game to the next level of excitement" Boratto explains.

On the top of all this, Dragon's Reels HD allows the player to share the best moments of the game thanks to the connection with the most popular Social Networks.

Play Dragon’s Reels HD free demo at: http://www.worldmatch.eu/games/dragons-reels-hd/

If you would like to add this Slot to your games’ bouquet kindly contact World Match’s Sales Department via e-mail at info@worldmatch.eu, or call +356 3550 5808