Xtremepush is the world’s leading multi-channel analytics and engagement marketing platform. We enable global enterprise brands to analyse their mobile and web customers, drive engagement and increase their revenue. Our key features include easy integration, enterprise-class analytics, personalized messaging, web & app push notifications, and unlimited iBeacon & Geo-Fencing capabilities.  
Our platform has enabled companies operating in the gaming sector to engage and target their customers effectively and efficiently, leading to increased ROIs. With Xtremepush, you can reach and connect with your customers at crucial stages in the user journey to actively engage and retain your high-value users. Some features that our current gaming clients are using to transform the way they interact with their users are:
Mobile App Analytics
Our enterprise level analytics functionality can help you to understand your mobile users with precise insights. These insights will allow you to create a better profile of your users, which in turn will enable you to build highly relevant, contextualised app engagement campaigns through In-App Messaging or Push Notifications. Through our analytics suite, you can perform funnel analysis, A/B testing, attribution along with a host of other functions.
Push Notifications
Based on the precise analytics collected on your users, you can send them relevant personalised messages. The Xtremepush platform allows you to schedule different messages based on different user segments and even send notifications based on user location. Our multivariate messaging enables you to see what style of messaging is driving more user engagement which in turn will tell you what type of campaign can deliver you the best ROI.
iBeacons & Geo-Fencing
The Xtremepush platform allows you to add unlimited iBeacons and geo-fences. Setting up a geo-fence on our platform could not have been made any easier. Simply just add an address or drag and drop locations to start tracking location entries, exits and dwell time. Adding iBeacons to the platform is also easy, just add the UUID and you’re ready to go. Some of our gaming clients have seen great success in using these to target users at sports venues and betting shops.
Web Push
Web push notifications enable you to send messages directly to customers on your website.  Once users have opted in, you can send engaging web push notifications even when the user is browsing on another site. A lot of our current gaming clients use this feature to deliver promotional offers or news to customers on their website.
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