Red Tiger Gaming

Founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans from major B2B and B2C gaming brands, the Red Tiger Gaming team has a proven track record of casino game development in Europe and Asia. The company was established with a very clear mission; to make slots games more fun for players.
We have done this by developing our games using a proprietary HTML5 framework, allowing us to offer HD graphics and immersive sound. It has also enabled us to move the needle with never seen before innovations such as Daily and Ceiling Jackpots, which take player engagement to the next level.
Ceiling Jackpots must pay out before the pot reaches a specified monetary amount, while Daily Jackpots are time bound and must pay out before a specified time of day.
Similarly, our ‘Smart Spins’ bonus module takes standard bonus mechanics and adapts them to make them feel like a core part of the overall gaming experience. Using staples from the social gaming space, such as progress bars, notifications and achievements, we can keep players engaged for longer.