Income Access

Income Access is a leading technology and online marketing company for the iGaming, lottery, and trading (forex, binary options) industries. Since 2002, Income Access has strived to help iGaming providers track, report, and analyse the performance of their integrated marketing strategies, enabling informed, data-driven marketing decisions. In that time, Income Access has worked with over 150 operators and over 200 iGaming brands, delivering comprehensive business intelligence on all marketing and acquisition channels in one centralised system.  
Income Access now offers full-service digital marketing solutions, including SEM services, affiliate management, benchmarking reports, a course in affiliate marketing, and analytics-driven tracking and reporting technology. Find out more about Income Access’ full digital marketing software and services.
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Income Access: Complete Digital Marketing Solution
With innovative, industry-leading software, Income Access gives iGaming operators the power to transcend mere management, seamlessly connecting operators and affiliates. This data-driven approach provides in-depth analytics and business intelligence on acquisition channels, maximising profitability and reach.
Intuitive and fully customisable, the Income Access software solution is designed to adapt to the changing needs of partners and the industry as a whole. Accompanying training help clients leverage the software to its full potential in managing their business and increasing ROI. The Income Access software allows users to track and analyse multiple marketing channels, including: affiliates, online, media, print, offline, and PPC. Reports can be generated for a wide variety of verticals, including: casino, poker, sports book, bingo, skill games, mobile, lottery, and forex. Additionally, with a multilingual interface for localised marketing strategies, and the ability to setup geo-targeted creative for international markets, partners are able to expand their reach and tailor their marketing efforts to directly respond to the unique needs of the market. 
In today’s fast-paced iGaming industry, the intelligent application of information is fundamental to sustainable success, and Income Access’ unparalleled tracking and analytical capabilities provide data at both customer and campaign levels. This in-depth information is vital for making strategic business decisions, enabling the most efficient allocation of marketing resources, boosting profitability and exposure.
Income Access is also dedicated to providing friendly, experienced, personalised service that supports clients on a technical and marketing level, helping to understand their business and nurture long-term relationships. With Income Access’ rapid pace of integration, clients are able to obtain a customised software solution in four to six weeks, with comprehensive support throughout the entire integration process, ensuring a smooth transition. Clients are also able to address new market needs and trends as the technology behind the software platform is updated to remain at the forefront of innovation.
Ultimately, Income Access is a solutions provider. The goal is to provide operators with a platform and service that delivers advanced tools for affiliate programme management and consolidates the analysis of multiple marketing channels. With timely, accurate tracking and reporting, businesses can measure the effectiveness of their overall marketing strategy, and develop meaningful, long-lasting, and transparent relationships.
Income Access’ dedicated service provision and thorough collection of business data remains unmatched in the industry, and the company is committed to maintaining that tradition of excellence and innovation.
Key Software Features
Data rich analytical reporting supported by filtering tools that drill down to the customer level…
Income Access upholds high standards of transparency by offering unique, comprehensive reports that allow affiliates and operators to see data from creative and campaigns to the individual customer transaction level. The depth of reporting allows you to view statistics broken down by day, month, traffic, campaign, conversions, player, and revenue. Users can drill down statistics to analyse results, with all the tools needed to build and manage programme and strategies successfully.
Expand your reach by offering a programme in multiple languages…
Translating your affiliate interface into multiple languages can allow for the targeting of new or specific markets. It also offers the flexibility of working with affiliates in different languages, from different countries.
Compensation packages tailored to affiliates’ traffic…
Income Access offers complete flexibility, with a range of commission options, including: revenue share, tiered player base revenue share, CPA, tiered CPA, referral commissions, or a hybrid of any of these options. Income Access also provides the ability to setup special or custom commission structures for individual or groups of affiliates, promotions, or for reporting purposes.
Consolidate all your accounting in one easy-to-use module…
The finance module provides a simple and easy way to administrate payments. Payment reports, accounting spreadsheets, and invoice generation are integrated within the Income Access software, simplifying payment status management and ensuring transparent record-keeping. The software also offers the option of sending automatic alerts to notify affiliates of their payment status.
Multiple Currencies
Provide the flexibility your affiliates need by offering multiple currencies…
The Income Access software solution simplifies multiple currency payment and integration, allowing you to pay affiliates in the currency of their choice. Through the use of conversion rates, the software automatically converts payments into an affiliate’s selected currency, ensuring a convenient, flexible payment system.
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An affiliate programme is only as strong as the working relationships at its core. Income Access’ managed services and IT infrastructure enable the implementation of effective management strategies and systems, allowing you to develop and maintain profitable, long-term marketing partnerships built on trust, honesty, and consistency.
Managed services expand the scope of Income Access’ award-winning software solution to ensure businesses are maximising the efforts of their affiliates and merchants. To accomplish this, the Income Access affiliate management team works to establish a firm understanding of needs and ambitions, allowing them to identify and set the direction of the affiliate programme.
With more than 11 years of industry experience (across all major verticals) and relationships with a wide array of top-performing affiliates, the Income Access team can provide detailed insight into successful  programme growth strategies, identifying programme gaps, current industry positioning, and opportunities for improvement.
Leveraging the Income Access IT infrastructure, which provides a multi-faceted tracking, and analytical platform that is intuitive, multilingual and customisable, the team also develops ongoing strategies to help recruit new affiliates, and works with current affiliates to maximise results. These efforts help operators get the most out of their affiliates with effective, optimised marketing tools that are proven to convert players.
Through regular reporting and communication with the affiliate management team, Income Access’ managed services and IT infrastructure ensure transparency and efficiency, ultimately helping iGaming businesses develop and maintain effective, long-lasting working relationships with marketing partners.
Key Features
Ongoing Strategy
Drive continuous improvement with detailed monthly action plans...
Income Access’ managed services ensure that affiliate programme development and maintenance do not end after launch. Driven by comprehensive analytics, strategies and development, approaches are updated on an ongoing basis with monthly action plans. This ensures that affiliate programmes are always adhering to business needs, industry trends, and specific objectives – from both the operator and affiliate perspective.
GAP Analysis
Ensure performance and efficiency with detailed needs analysis…
Also known as a needs analysis, GAP analysis is a technique used to determine and define the steps needed to move from a current position or state to a desired outcome. Income Access’ managed services will help highlight the gaps that exist in your affiliate programme, helping you define and clarify necessary action steps to achieve future objectives.
A GAP analysis can also identify missing and underperforming affiliates, which helps develop and implement strategies for latent marketing partners and untapped revenue.
Affiliate Recruitment
Recruit quality marketing partners…
With a dedicated team of affiliate programme managers, Income Access’ managed services works to develop a steady stream of new affiliates, continually advancing recruitment strategies and tactics. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, the Income Access affiliate recruitment process will identify and recruit high-potential affiliates.
Deal Optimisation
Negotiate the best deals possible…
Income Access’ extensive industry experience provides leading insight and expertise on tap! Follow industry best practises and stay on top of affiliate marketing trends and changes to ensure the very best deals and deal profitability.
Database Segmentation
Segment affiliates the way you want…
Income Access’ managed services offer a unique way to improve affiliate programme efficiency, with database segmentation. This feature allows you to segment marketing partners according to their respective vertical, marketing strength, and location, ensuring effective management and communication.
Profile Building
Power your branding development...
Income Access offers search engine marketing and advertising services, which boost online presence and build company profile and reputation. Leveraging stable, original, and engaging content, this feature increases brand visibility and development with weekly blog and forums posts, social media activity, and consistent PR exposure.
Support and Communication
Dedicated daily support and communication with the experts…
Through comprehensive data, regular reporting, and communication with Income Access’ experienced affiliate marketing management team, you can boost the transparency of affiliate marketing initiatives, strategies, creative and objectives.
Get expert advice...
With more than 11 years of industry experience across all major gaming verticals, the Income Access affiliate management team have acquired the in-depth knowledge and skills to provide hands-on advice, guidance and recommendations for product development, branding, and marketing strategies and tactics.