HiPay Mobile - Europe's leading micropayment platform

Accept mobile payments and offer the best deposit experience.
HiPay Mobile has been offering a comprehensive solution for monetizing your website since 2003.


Sell your content on an international scale
Offer your digital goods and services to Internet users around the world with HiPay Mobile. In just a few clicks, the HiPay Mobile management interface allows you to offer the best payment solutions adapted to your customers’ consumption patterns.

Plug & play
Once your HiPay Mobile account has been created, install the payment script on your site: Copy / paste the code on your web page and begin accepting mobile payments!

Benefit from attractive payouts
For more than 10 years, HiPay Mobile has been striving to build better partnerships with alternative payment operators around the world. Therefore you benefit from the most attractive payouts in each country!

Easily manage your business
The dashboard provided by HiPay Mobile offers a consolidated and full view of your business. The intuitive and ergonomic HiPay Mobile management interface allows you to easily monitor your business: new pricepoints, new products, opening-up activities on the international market... all available in just a few clicks.
Email us to benefit from our payment expertise: igaming@hipay.com