Established in 2007, DOSarrest is the DDoS protection service of choice for the online gaming industry.
With the sector proving to be a high profile target, we provide protection against all levels,  including the most sophisticated, of DDoS attacks. With our DDoS protection service in place, we ensure maximum uptime of your site.
We analyse complex attacks in real-time and create custom rule-sets which can be applied to a customer's configuration in seconds. We are ready for any attack, even those yet to be created.
DOSarrest has yet to meet a DDoS attack that it could not provide protection against. Customers know that when they are under our protection, their business will not suffer as a result of a DDoS attack. Every client that has migrated to DOSarrest’s service has seen instant relief and continued protection during a DDoS attack.
Choose DOSarrest for maximum confidence and protection against DDoS attacks.