Your partner in sports and gaming.

BtoBet is a part of a multinational group of companies with 20 years of experience in software development in various industries. As a company, we are wholly committed to utilizing technology on behalf of our clients and are heavily investing in research and development.
The experience we have gained in advanced trend-setting software development environments underpins our status as a visionary company which deeply understands the requirements of the market.
We have developed products that anticipate the extent that digital transformation is changing the nature of the consumer and future gaming market requirements.
Trusted Technological partner. 
BtoBet is your ideal technology partner, offering standalone omnichannel platforms and services for the iGaming and sports-betting industry. We have invested in a talented development team, continuously training and focusing on maintaining the technological software and developing our machine learning capacity.
BtoBet is addressed to you, the Operator. We are able to allow you to manage your business autonomously, setting up your own strategies, all without the handicap of technology constraints or the limits of engaging fully-managed platforms.
In addition, we are able to supply you with the necessary services to make your own product and offer UNIQUE.
We empower you with:

BtoBet is the partner for real bookmakers and iGaming operators who wish to have a strong brand and differentiate themselves within this competitive industry.
We provide you with a stable, flexible and scalable platform with tailored services towards your sportsbook and gaming offerings.
Are you ready for a step-change in quality?
We can provide new levels of personalisation around your content and your site’s look and feel.
Our Neuron iGaming and Sportsbook platforms are conceived to always stay at the forefront of innovation through:

The platforms are forever adapting to developments in new technologies and changing tune with them. They allow for infinite personalization and ensure that any operator adopting Neuron Platforms will be unique on the market.
Experts in one place to facilitate and streamline your iGaming and Sportsbook business.
Btobet offers a comprehensive suite of products, platforms and services devoted to the sports betting and gaming industry, all operating under the same roof.
BTOBET GAMES is the specialized division analyzing players’ trends and market changes in today’s iGaming environment. Our BtoBet Games division utilizes a bank of skilled experts who are ready to assist and satisfy any of your iGaming needs and requirements.
The Omnichannel platform, based on Artificial Intelligence technology that allows easy management of your operations, ensuring you can tailor your offers to your players, automatically. The AI platform reduces the time and labour costs, maximizing the effort of delivering the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience for your players.
BtoBet Sports, our division focused on bookmakers’ needs and sportsbook players preferences. A dedicated team will ensure your sports-betting brand will provide the ultimate betting experience to your bettors.
Neuron Sports is open to be integrated into any gaming platform. Neuron Sports provides a highly customizable front-end for each bookmaker, giving you all the tools you need for risk management across all Prematch, live, virtual and Jackpot Betting products.
Neuron Sports Platform is perfectly suited to every market and to every channel, both online and RETAIL.
BtoBet. The multinational partner to expand worldwide.
We understand global markets, we know the target you work with, so we help you choose the right method for the targeted country.
Global Reach. Local Personalisation.
Flexibility and technology to maintain your Global brand reputation and products structure, tailoring them to specific local needs.
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