BtoBet is a full technological partner that provides award-winning B2B solutions for the iGaming industry. Its globally trusted sportsbook and gaming software is fully capable to meet all jurisdictional requirements, delivering highly customizable and tailored platforms to operators seeking to deliver a unique player experience.
The company’s services and technology are channeled via its two dedicated departments: BtoBet Games and BtoBet Sports. 

BtoBet Games provides the perfect set of products and services needed for today’s iGaming business. A pool of skilled and dedicated experts assists and satisfies any of operator’s iGaming needs and requirements. The department also provides the Neuron Gaming platform an omni-channel platform, based on Artificial Intelligence technology that ensures tailored offers to maximize the effort of delivering the perfect offer for the iGaming market. 

BtoBet Sports on the other hand is focused on bookmakers’ needs and sportsbook players’ preferences. A dedicated team ensures the sports-betting brand provides the ultimate betting experience to the bettors. BtoBet’s Neuron Sport platform provides a highly customizable frontend for each operator, giving all the tools needed for risk management across all pre-match, live betting and virtual Jackpot betting products. Both Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms offer unique, customizable, secure and flexible cloud based core systems delivering unprecedented capabilities for both the sportsbook and gaming markets. Their advanced technologies have scooped various international awards and are highly esteemed within the iGaming community.
Neuron Gaming 
Neuron Gaming is one of the most advanced gaming platforms on the market, providing all the necessary tools to manage any iGaming operation. One of its major strengths is its high customizability to meet the operator’s glocal requirements and to deliver the best user experience to the player. 

It also provides seamless integration of any content by gaming content and/or sportsbook providers, as well as full integration of any payment method to reflect the local player and market necessities. 

It is also considered as being at the forefront regarding its omnichannel aspects, providing one tool to manage all current and future channels. Being a cloud based solution it is also very robust and adept for scalability.
Neuron Sport 
Neuron Sports is one of the most technologically advanced Sportsbooks software on the market and its advanced omnichannel capabilities make it possible to meet all current and future channels. It also serves as a medium that allows bookmakers to partner with and use BtoBet’s data feed and all the risk management tools that it offers. Moreover, through BtoBet’s partnership with Sportradar, the Neuron Sports platform can be delivered to bookmakers as a turnkey solution. 

Its high level of customizability enables operators to meet all their glocal requirements and to deliver the best user experience to the player.. It is also cloud based thus a very robust technological scenario which is particularly adept for scalability.
The White Label Partnership Program 
Seeking to provide White Label Operators with a harmonized accessibility to technology and a holistic operational approach, BtoBet has launched the White Label Partnership Program. 

Through the WLP Program the company has put in place a network of Certified Partners regionally present in the various markets, who provide a simplified version of BtoBet’s advanced technologies to operators. 

All this whilst also taking care of all the operational aspects for these operators. This is a very unique and innovative approach for licensees to enter the online industry, whereby they are put in a position to focus only on their brand without being hindered by the operational challenges.
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