AffDaddy is an international online casino affiliate program that promotes and represents licensed online gaming brands. AffDaddy relies on using the right tools for the job and a strong belief on interpersonal relations between affiliates.
7Regal Casino -
Soon after it set up shop, AffDaddy secured its first lucrative deal when the veteran 7Regal Casino came into partnership with the program. 7Regal Casino's vote of confidence in the young AffDaddy spoke volumes about the program's qualities, motivating AffDaddy to aspire to reach the on and beyond in the online gaming industry.
AffDaddy is staffed by experienced individuals who have extensive experience in the world of online gaming, based on years of work in the industry. This knowledge and familiarity of the ins and outs of the industry helps AffDaddy in optimizing its products especially for the brand. The people at AffDaddy are true lovers of the written word, making sure that the brand's PR in the media is of the highest qualities.
Business and Pleasure
The AffDaddy philosophy relies on professionalism and a belief in people. The mix between these two generates good business that is also pleasant to make – AffDaddy believes that these two do not have to contradict each other.
Commission Plans
Competitiveness and transparent accounting is what defines AffDaddy's commission plans: Affiliates can choose between the different plans the one that fits them the most – it is an honest structure built for everyone. AffDaddy is very welcoming to new partners with an offer that sees new affiliates receiving 50% for the first three months, then going on to receive at least 30% commission for life.
AffDaddy Cornerstones
What makes AffDaddy tick? These are the main points that define the program:
·         Top affiliate tools: With the right tools and personnel, AffDaddy is able to deliver leading player values and maximize the brand's potential.
·         High commissions: AffDaddy is highly versatile for affiliates in all that has to do with commission options, possessing the right tools for high values.
·         Multi-platform Readiness: It's a desktop world, it's a mobile world; whatever it is, AffDaddy is cross-platform ready, equipped with the right tools to generate high revenues on desktops and mobile devices.
·         Paying on time: Not always naturally obvious, AffDaddy recognizes the importance of paying right and on time through comfortable methods.
·         Dedicated affiliate team: AffDaddy's team of professionals is at the ready to supply affiliates with the best advice and bring earnings to the absolute maximum.