CoinPoint Endorses Use of Bitcoin Cash

CoinPoint has announced its full support for Bitcoin Cash. The premier cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing agency joins other industry experts and key market players to recognizing Bitcoin Cash as the best form of Bitcoin. 
Bitcoin Cash, which is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain ledger, offers simple and fast transactions through a reliable, stable, and secure network, also enabling users to send money globally with low fees. Designed to be better than the classic Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash also presents new features aimed at improving the Bitcoin experience. 
·         On Chain Scalability
·         New Transaction Signatures
·         New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA)
·         Decentralized Development 
With improved features like the increased default blocksize limit of 8MB, Bitcoin Cash stays true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s roadmap for global adoption and utilization of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is now available in several reliable Bitcoin exchanges accessible to users across the globe. 
More developments based on Bitcoin Cash will be publish soon