The Changing Face of Payments A Market Overview and Global Trends - FULL REPORT

1 October 2012

Money in and money out is at the heart of every business model. Handling payments, providing local solutions in every market and improving efficiencies are critical success factors. The Changing Face of Payments report offers an overview of the entire global payments ecosystem as it stands, as well as looking to the future of payments.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive overview of the entire global payments ecosystem
  • Review of geographical processes and behavior surrounding payments, as well as looking at local licensing across Western Europe, and emerging and growing markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia
  • An analysis of how the availability of more convenient options are creating new opportunities for alternative and non traditional payment
  • Learn about the different payment methods: credit and debit cards, mobile, NFC, Ukash, PayPal
  • Review of regulation and recent changes made by SEPA (Single European Payments Area) and PSD (Payment Services Directive)
  • Future trends in local and global markets, ensuring that operators will be up to speed in the landscape as it exists today and in the future.