to Appeal Court Ruling 

18 February 2005 has vowed to fight the dismissal of its case by the United States District Court for the Middle District. Barry Richard, of Casino City’s legal team, said the online casino portal would appeal. He issued the following statement:

'The court did not address the merits of our claim. It ruled that our plaintiff did not have standing to invoke the court's jurisdiction because the government did not actually prosecute or directly threaten to prosecute our client. The decision places in clear focus the question of whether a prosecutorial agency can threaten, but not actually carry out, prosecution and thereby chill the exercise of free speech by citizens who believe their constitutional rights have been violated but have no ability to seek court protection.'

“A notice of appeal must be filed within 60 days from the time of judgment,“ added Michael Corfman, CEO of Casino City. “Once done, we will order the record from the District Court. This will not take long to order and file since it is relatively short. The filing of the briefs by both sides will then take about 3 months. Then we wait for the Court to rule.”