Casino Lobby Review

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User experience can be a very effective tool in the customer journey of an online casino. If the casino lobby is simple and easy to navigate, users will also find it more pleasant and are more likely to return, thus increasing their spend with the same brand.
While many online casinos have been improving their online services over time, some still lack the key features that make up a good UX. Poor UX can be an expensive problem to have and potential punters can move on to a competitor in no time.
This report reviews the UX of desktop online casino lobbies of ten operators, who target the UK market as listed in eGaming Review’s Power 50 2016. The research highlights the strongest and weakest features that online casino owners need to take into account, such as how easily users can register or log in, find a game or contact the operator for advice. It sets out to offer guidance for operators in overcoming UX challenges to optimise their desktop casino lobby for an improved user journey.