BtoBet and LSports announce tennis-betting simulator collaboration

15 May 2020

Igaming platform provider BtoBet has announced a collaboration with real-time sports data provider LSports using its innovative tennis betting simulator.

The simulator offers the perfect solution for bookmakers at a time when no actual live tennis matches are taking place. Based on more than a million historical tennis matches in LSports’ database, the simulator produces live tennis matches with real-time odds originally traded at the time, backed by a unique, high-quality visualisation that includes ball movement, shot placements and statistics.

As the product is based on historical data, the original details – such as player names, tournament, date, time, etc – are only revealed at the end of the visualised match, thus legitimising it and verifying its historical accuracy.

The partnership comes at a time when the industry is trying to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic that has brought the sports calendar to a standstill. LSports has created a product intended to provide alternative sportsbook content to counter the lack of live sporting action.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with BtoBet,” said LSports co-founder and CEO Shaul Lazar. “We believe that our product will offer their customers a new and engaging experience. At a time with not enough sports to bet on, BtoBet proves once again that they’re a market leader, finding innovative solutions to satisfy their customers.”

BtoBet now offers up to 500 live tennis matches per day, 24/7, featuring short and exciting formats. Both pre-match and in-play markets are on offer, including game winner, point winner, match winner and more.

“LSports’ Tennis Betting Simulator does not only provide an alternative content to live tennis matches, but more importantly enables operators to engage their players through a wide portfolio of highly visualized historical tennis matches,” said Alessandro Fried, BtoBet’s chief executive officer. “I’m confident that their innovative content product will be popular even once the sports calendar resumes.”