BetonSports Banks a Healthy Profit Margin 

20 September 2005

BetonSports posted healthy figures for the first half of 2005. The PLC showed a 23% increase in gross profits, up to $28.6m from $23.3m in the last half of 2004. The figures also showed a big rise in the gross margin percentage of an extra 36%, increasing to 7.9% and gross operating profit had also risen 21% to $5.1m.

BetonSports must have also been delighted to see an increase in the amount of new customers it has been attracting, over 6,000 up 5% on last year. The company’s acquisition of Easybets in May 2005, a large Internet bookmaker and casino serving Asia, will no doubt have had some impact on the firm’s impressive performance.

The company has had a good year with a shake-up in the management team, website overhauls and new poker software being rolled out.