BetGames.TV Brings a Totally New Live Game to the Gambling Industry

BetGames.TV, known in the gambling industry for creating and providing its own video-streamed LIVE GAMES since 2011, is bringing a very simple and attractive product for their partners. There were 5 different games in the company’s portfolio until now: Lucky5, Lucky7, Dice, Bet-on-Poker, Bet-on-Baccarat. By adding “Wheel of Fortune” the company is now filling another niche - offering a game with even chances and better odds.  
“The entire idea of our games is to make them very clear, simple and easily understood to any player who doesn’t need to study the rules or to be an expert to play the games. Therefore, we see “Wheel of Fortune” as a natural extension of our business”, said Aiste Garneviciene, COO at BetGames.TV. “This type of product is relatively new to the remote gambling business and no other live games provider offers such a type of game to its clients. All gambling operators are looking for additional tools to increase their revenue growth and players’ retention in this competitive business and our newest game “Wheel of Fortune” undoubtedly meets both of the mentioned needs.”
The presenter spins a Wheel of Fortune counter-clockwise and then spins it clockwise with a light stroke of the hand. The spin (and the draw) is valid if the wheel makes at least three full spins clockwise. The result of the draw is the sector‘s number or symbol where the pointer lands after the wheel stops turning.
There is only one betting round and players can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw. Draws of the game run daily every 5 minutes.
BetGames.TV, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, was founded in 2011. The company is a provider of its own video-streamed live dealer gaming solutions for gambling operators (land based, online and mobile) in more than 20 countries.
Aiste Garneviciene