Places Pooled Odds on Bet Brain 

17 February 2005 has signed a deal with online odds comparison site to be the only Pool Betting site listed at the popular pre-game destination.

BetBrain offers comparisons of dozens of bookmakers’ odds on its portal and at its white-labeled partner sites. The service, which updates its odds every two minutes, provides sports-bettors a tabular comparison of the current odds at a wide-range of online betting destinations, making choosing where to bet a simple decision.

“ is pleased to be included in the BetBrain odds comparison service,” said founder Graeme Levin. “Because we are a pool betting website, the odds are determined entirely by the market. We frequently have better odds than the fixed-odds bookmakers on traditional sports.

Being listed on BetBrain gives access to several hundreds of thousands of sports bettors each month, who are eager to benefit from’s competitive market-driven odds and unique range of propositions. However, not all of’s unique pools can be displayed on, because many of the AnyBets pools are unique and thus can’t be compared with odds on other sites.

“Including on will make BetBrain a more valuable tool for our users. Because is a pool betting site, its odds normally move fastest just minutes before the close of betting.’s inclusion makes last-minute monitoring at BetBrain a must-do for serious sports gamblers,” said Lars Dam-Johnsen, Commercial Director of BetBrain. will continue to expand its reach into the multi-billion dollar online sports betting market through white-labeling and partnerships. Traditional poker and casino gambling sites looking to expand into sports betting recognize’s risk-free white-label pool betting platform as an advantage over fixed-odds betting platforms. Players at poker and casino gambling sites appreciate’s wide range of unique soft-betting propositions covering sport, finance, society, entertainment and politics. Numerous novelty pools are available. can have pools on any event with an outcome and caters for all interests.