iGB-Pentasia Salary Survey 2019: Part 4

29 November 2019

In the fourth and final part of the 2019 Salary Survey, we continue our drill down into salary trends broken down by department and role, covering design & tech, finance & operations, marketing, product & project and sales & account management

Design & tech
The demand for tech talent remains at ‘red alert’ level – a state that’s reflected by extremely attractive pay packets. Even below the C-suite, tech professionals can command more than £200,000.

As the European talent pool runs dry, employers are looking further afield and hiring from outside the EU, as well as meeting candidates’ demands for flexibile and remote work options. Half of all candidates in design & tech are ‘open’ to working remotely, with almost a fifth working ‘only’ remotely.

Tech employment varies greatly by country: most UK roles are offered on a contract basis, whereas in Spain almost all are permanent.

Beyond cash, the igaming industry still holds strong appeal for tech candidates thanks to its innovative culture. “Learning new skills” is a headline priority for the majority of candidates when assessing new opportunities.

In the USA, tech candidates are in equally high demand, though salaries vary substantially dependent on both location and seniority. (Robert Gray - Europe; Brady Eagle - USA)

Finance & operations
Finance is an area where businesses are unwilling to compromise when it comes to talent.

It is essential to get the right person to take commercial responsibility and manage key initiatives that will grow a business.

If you are that right person, though, the rewards can be considerable. There is considerable variation in the US figures due to differences between states.

Experienced operations, HR and payments executives are also highly valued. (Tracy Whitcomb)

It is often said that content is king, but that status is not accurately reflected in salary, which showed only a slight increase in the last year.

However, the pressure is still high on marketing departments to devise new and innovative bonuses that attract and retain customers while remaining legally compliant.

There appears to be a squeeze on affiliate managers and a gap is appearing in the market for junior affiliate operators.

Some companies are also trying to combine roles – looking to recruit one person to fulfil both CRM and content creation responsibilities, for example. (Gareth Mulley)

Product & project
The overall increase in product salaries reflects the continuing high demand for those with relevant expertise.

Product managers are key to developing business, turning plans into reality and delivering new markets to ambitious igaming operators.

Candidates with proven experience are taking advantage of the market and there have been significant salary increases – up to 35% – being offered by employers keen to snap up the right talent.

People with vision and drive are looking to work for companies who match that ambition and have a culture of agility and innovation as well as a track record of delivering new products. (Darren Kirby)

Sales & account management
One of the best-paying job functions in igaming, with overall salaries rising by 5-10% year-on-year.

Location significantly affects base salaries globally, while bonuses and commission structures vary greatly from employer to employer.

UK sales and account managers are among the best paid (towards the upper end of the remuneration band.) We’ve seen increased demand for sales professionals in emerging markets like LATAM and Africa.

However, the greatest demand for new talent currently is in the US, where the B2B landscape is rapidly growing following the PASPA repeal. (Karl Harenburg)

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