Diversity and inclusion: Knowledge is power

11 June 2018

Christina Thakor-Rankin and Kelly Kehn, co-founders of the All-in Diversity Project, are about to produce the first ever demographic profile of the gaming industry. Here’s why you need to be involved.

The subject of diversity and inclusion is an important and popular topic these days. We continue to hear stories of discrimination from women in our industry; esports players facing bullying and hostility, the #metoo movement and the gender pay gap debate, as well as immature remarks on social media. All these stir emotions and reiterate the case for waking people up to the need for change.

However, when it comes to taking action, data and benchmarking will be the tools that drive the industry forward. The All-in Diversity Project is an industry-driven initiative to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion for the global betting and gaming sector.

The project was set up to provide a central resource for data pertaining to diversity and inclusion. It will allow us to separate the facts from the fiction, set a benchmark and make objective data-driven decisions, which will impact on the sector for years to come. As employees, we may feel there is a need for change but unless there is data, we will approach the problem blindly.

On the topic of data and progress, the 2017 McKinsey report Women In The Workplace said: “One of the most powerful reasons for the lack of progress is a simple one: we have blind spots when it comes to diversity, and we can’t solve problems that we don’t see or understand clearly.” The work that All-in Diversity Project is doing to create the tools and build the data set for the industry is important for a few reasons.

First, the All-Index, a survey that will measure diversity, inclusion and workplace equality developed in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University and UNLV to meet the specific needs of this industry. It will collect primary data from all of participating companies and allow us to get a picture of just how diverse and inclusive we are.

Year over year it will benchmark industry progress in terms of demographic makeup, corporate governance, employment policy, pay and marketing. The report will anonymously paint a picture across jurisdictions, product verticals, business type and job roles.

It will play a key role in creating more transparency that will be a catalyst for improving our industry image as well as our ability to recruit and retain top talent into our sector. It is not data based on second hand reporting or data from outside the industry. That means, the report will be the baseline for all companies wanting to benchmark their internal diversity initiatives.

Second, the survey will weight the questions and deliver a measurable score or outcome privately to participants. The All-Index will grade participants, anonymously, on a simple scale (1-100) and will serve as an internal benchmark for those that participate year on year.

For businesses investing or looking to invest in diversity and inclusion, having a benchmark is sound business practice. Where companies are keen to have their participation and results shared publicly, we will be happy to support them.

The All-Index will create the transparency and measurability we as an industry need to progress towards workplace equality and in turn, better recruitment, better products and an overall better industry image. The survey is now open for registration and participation and already have 40+ operators and suppliers participating from the US, UK, Malta, Gibraltar and Australia.

We would encourage everyone in the industry to get involved. Knowledge is power. The more we know the better we will be able to identify and then address the challenges facing us over the coming years. For more information visit: https://allindiversityproject.com/allindex/