All-In Snatchlations goes to London. London? YES, London!

Do you know what gaming translations means? To convey a message, from one language to another, on the subject of casino, poker, betting or bingo, manifested by a translator with a deep understanding of the gaming language, personified in this case by the only language service provider with such variety of languages and so much passion for betting - us!
In other words, or in the quiet words of the virgin Mary if you will, All-In Translations went to London for the biggest conference in gaming. We had a presentation on the subject of 'The secrets to success in gaming localization, and what happens when you fail miserably', and we much enjoyed listening to people with a Cockney accent. 
 Photographer Lionel Galea came with to document our journey from Malta, and this is what happened. Soundtrack: Klint - Diamond.