AffDaddy Breaking New Ground with Flexible Affiliate Deals

Affiliate marketers rarely have options in their partnerships with affiliate programmes. AffDaddy, however, is breaking free from convention by giving its affiliate partners their preferred choice of commission deal. This enables the partners to select the deal that gives them the best chance of generating commission.

Revenue Share is Common

Currently, revenue share is the most common type of commission deal within the online gambling industry. For many affiliate sites, this can work extremely well. At AffDaddy, affiliates get a 30% lifetime revenue share that can be increased up to 50% by sites that consistently deliver new players.

Cost Per Acquisition

Revenue share is often the only option with affiliate programmes, but AffDaddy gives partners the flexibility to choose cost per acquisition (CPA) instead. Depending on performance, AffDaddy can offer affiliates up to $40 for every acquisition they secure.

Hybrid Combination Deals

AffDaddy then takes flexibility further by letting affiliates agree deals that can earn commission through a combination of revenue share and CPA. For example, these hybrid deals might bring together 25% revenue share with $20 CPA per player. There are much more details on these deals over at AffDaddy’s site – visit today for flexible affiliate deals.