AffDaddy Blog a Goldmine for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is an extremely difficult sector, given that all manner of factors can have a dramatic impact. Consequently, it is vital for affiliate marketers to stockpile a catalogue of informative resources. A multitude of different skills are required to thrive in this business, and no affiliate had all of them when they first entered the sector.

AffDaddy is an affiliate marketing programme known for representing 7 Regal Casino and Rummy Royal. In addition to providing a suite of supportive tracking tools and marketing materials, AffDaddy also supports its affiliate partners by constantly updating its blog with special guides and articles. The AffDaddy blog is beneficial to both affiliates and webmasters alike, helping to fill in any knowledge gaps.

30+ Affiliate Marketing Guides and Counting

Since February 2015, more than 30 guides have been published to the AffDaddy blog. Yet more guides have been scheduled for publication between now and the end of the year, so there is so much more left to come. The scope of the articles ensures that everyone from first-time affiliates to experts can benefit.

Back at the start of August, AffDaddy published a guide entitled Top Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners to help out newcomers. Other guides have been published to help affiliates identify and acquire great domain names as well as choose the best pictures. AffDaddy even shares how to pick the right formats for image files.

AffDaddy can even help the more advanced affiliates improve their websites. For instance, a recently released article explains how responding to blog comments can be of benefit. A forthcoming
article due for release before the end of August will outline how affiliates can play a role in helping problem gamblers. Search for AffDaddy blog to find all of the latest content.