27 March: Where's the action?

27 March 2020

iGB, in partnership with sports data specialist Abelson Info, is providing an updated list of the sporting events taking place each day throughout the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This will ensure our readers have a regularly updated roster of the sporting events happening that day.

Today there are matches taking place in four basketball leagues, three of which are in Eastern Europe, where some sports have managed to keep holding events during the shut-down. Interestingly, the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League, the top-tier semi-professional competition, is still running.

Belarus has proved resistant to shutting down its sports during the pandemic to date, meaning today it is arguably the highest level of professional football being played in the world. Burundi's Premier League is also holding matches, while some clubs will play friendlies.

Arizona's Sundance Golf Club is hosting the Cactus Tour, a competition for female professional golfers.

Greyhound racing is still taking place at tracks in Australia and the US. Abelson has taken the approach of just listing US and Australia instead of all the track names for the dogs. To list all the tracks would be confusing, especially as many events take place after the 10:59AM deadline for events being held today.

We're back to Belarus in handball, where the country's second division will be holding matches today.

Horse racing
Despite most major markets having shut down racing, there is a host of events taking place across the US and Australia today.

Table tennis
Table tennis is enjoying an unexpected rise in prominence during the crisis, with a number of operators and suppliers remarking on an increase in action around the sport. Today events are taking place across Eastern Europe, in Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Volleyball matches will take place in Belarus and Russia today.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and all events are subject to change. iGB is working on adding an esports component to this round-up.

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