Why should affiliates build their own sportsbook?

9 May 2018

FSB Technology’s business development director Richard Thorp highlights a lucrative emerging opportunity for affiliates.

A rough few months for igaming affiliates in the glare of a rising regulatory spotlight has led to some operators dismissing them as a rocky road better left untraveled.

Reined in by tighter channels of compliance, licensees are now responsible for the actions of any third-party that they employ, and consequently need to exercise tighter control of their traffic.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Indeed, having had it so good for so long, it seems affiliates are suffering from the stark comparison to their recent glory days.

The business model hasn’t just evaporated. Instead, it could be argued, the space is merely evolving into a more professional environment. It’s high time.

So affiliates will have to adapt to survive and then thrive. But with the forthcoming World Cup just around the corner next month, now is the time for them to get their houses in good order, lest the alarmist atmosphere surrounding them gain any more credibility.

After all, affiliates will be sending more traffic than ever before operators’ way over the five weeks of Russia 2018 – and the worldwide march of sportsbook continues unchecked as a result.

However, in a World Cup year (always a key revenue-driver) perhaps now is the time for affiliates to become more self-aware, and realise that they can set themselves up as their own bookmaker.

The reason for this, of course, is the rise of the machines. Or, in other words, the gains in automation which continue to enhance operator performance.

Automated technologies have delivered tangible benefits to margin and pricing for the sportsbook operators and suppliers in a position to embrace them, and have also improved customer profiling and risk management.

But while these components are more advanced, their platforms are also more flexible and fleeter of integration than ever, diminishing the need for many affiliate-operator partnerships.

Poacher turns gamekeeper
FSB has been at the forefront of such innovation in white label sports betting for years, and is one of the few platform providers with the proficiency to facilitate these affiliate transformations with scale and sustainability.

Essentially, FSB is completely reinvigorating a tired industry landscape through our game-changing sportsbook.

Scalability and providing the most easy-to-integrate model on the market are at the core of everything we do. We’ve achieved this by delivering a comprehensive and modern technology solution that handles everything from raw sports data through to the user interface design.

Our modular platform provides everything required to run a regulated gaming business. Indeed, many affiliates are already piggybacking on our fully compliant platform which ensures they all operate in a regulation-abiding and responsible fashion.

In short, with the right sportsbook solution, new tech will beat existing partnerships hands down every time.

Once, affiliates purely led players to water. Now, thanks to the utility of technology, they can offer them a drink on their own patch too, without having to rely on onerous revenue share.

Do-It-Yourself affiliate bookmakers may sound like something of a fantasy Frankenstein, but it’s already an attainable reality.

And what’s more, FSB’s flexible platform can be customised in order that affiliates can design their own end-user experience, organic to their respective underlying feel and framework.

After those rather ominous SkyBet headlines last year, the likes of Betfair, Paddy Power, Bet365 and 888 have followed suit in scaling back on their partnerships.

However, when the terrain of a playing field changes, sometimes it’s preferable to simply change the game you’re playing. Affiliates can now flip the script by transforming into the bookmaker, with all the ensuing benefits.

Why feed The Man when you can legitimately challenge the master-servant establishment and turn the tables? If not in time for the World Cup, then certainly before the 2018/19 Premier League season kicks off.

Richard Thorp is business development director at FSB Technology. Before joining FSB, Richard was head of B2B operations at Racing Post and head of marketing at Better Bet.