Video short: Betradar - Providing complex betting solutions in simple formats

Increasing demand for more bet types, data, functionality and offering a service that allows bookmakers to offer these features in a flexible and cost efficient manner are some of the key trends betting providers such as Betradar are addressing in their everyday interactions with their customers, Paolo Personeni, managing director for Managed Trading Servces (MTS) at Betradar, has told iGaming Business as part of the latest iGB video short. 

Personeni described these trends as focusing on “more coverage, bet types, features and functions and new ideas being pushed by the large bookmakers (to go) into international markets”.

These trends lead to further investment “in technology, but also in HR and increasingly one of the main fuels of this complex business is data and algorithms, as well IP (intellectual property),” he added.


The key to addressing Betradar’s clients’ needs resided in managing the technical complexity behind bookmakers’ offerings, “which is adding value to the player, making life more enjoyable and for a better product, but certainly making life tougher for the bookmaker. The best way to help our customers is to provide flexible and cost efficient packages and that’s what we do,” said Personeni.

Examples of this flexibility might see Betradar’s MTS communicating with a medium-sized bookie looking to increase its efficiency and coverage or a large bookmaker interested in refocusing investment and integrating our services into a well-defined operational platform. “That’s what we mean by flexibility and modularity and cost efficiency. Delivering to each bookmaker his own bespoke solution to drive his business where he wants to drive it,” he added.

For Personeni and Betradar, “a good solution should be adding simplicity and helping manage complexity rather than adding to it. One of the ways we do this is make our platform open and open to the contribution of third parties and even content”.

In terms of outlook there will be a continued focus on innovation, especially for the large bookmakers and the ongoing consolidation will carry on.

“Overall we see a continuous trend of complexity and a continuous need from the bookie to leverage and avail themselves of very flexible and cost efficient solutions. That’s what we believe will be key trends on the next couple of years and we believe we are very well positioned to deliver those elements to or customers and it’s a perfect spot for us to be in,” said Personeni.

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