9 August 2017

With no major international football tournament taking place this summer, the sports betting industry has a chance to accelerate new ideas and encourage innovation. We take a look at what they've been doing.

In this supplement, we discuss the performance of virtual sports in emerging markets and how you can take advantage. We also talk about crowdbetting and whether it will be the next big innovation and we analyse the emergence of semi-managed sportsbook solutions.

HIghlights include:

  • The retention revolution
  • Personalising a mobile offer
  • Sports Betting's new challenges
  • The virtual way to new frontiers
  • What's the next big innovation

  • magazine_issue
    20 May 2015

    Welcome to the Dutch issue. Why is this the Dutch issue? Because we have exclusive updates and insider insights into the development of the to-be regulated Dutch iGaming market. But secondly, and as importantly, this issue celebrates and coincides with the largest gathering of iGaming professionals in the world - the iGaming Super Show - which happens to be in Amsterdam.

  • magazine_issue
    1 March 2015

    As European states continue to address their domestic iGaming markets do we get progressively closer to a coherent European policy? Can true harmonisation for interactive gambling every really be implemented across the EU?

  • magazine_issue
    19 January 2015

    The online gambling industry has become a transparent, regulated and multi-billion-dollar industry.

  • magazine_issue
    1 January 2015

    It’s also a great time of year for the magazine, where year-on-year we seem to be breaking records for the “biggest issue of iGaming Business ever”.

  • magazine_issue
    20 November 2014

    We are calling this issue “The British Issue”, to reflect the changes in UK iGaming policy during this magazine’s November-December cover dates.The most tangible of these changes can be felt in the new licensing requirements and in the PoC Tax.