Real-time player management lessons from social casino

13th April 2016

The social casino space is thriving by doing the impossible; convincing players to place bets that have no chance of real reward. To accomplish this the best social casino games micro-manage the player experience in real-time to ensure that each interaction is a positive one that will lead to conversion.

This process is driven by data, connecting demographics with player preferences and in-game behaviour to ensure that players get an experience perfectly tailored to them.

This presentation will demonstrate the techniques and tools used by social casino operators, and how these can be adopted in the gambling sector to improve player lifetime and value.


Isaac Roseboom
Job title:
Head of Insight


Isaac is Head of Insight at deltaDNA. Since moving into the industry, Isaac has worked as a consultant on over 50 games and apps, offering wide ranging expertise on data-driven game design and the use of predictive modelling. In addition, Isaac heads research at deltaDNA, trying to bring the best in analytics to the masses through it's platform. In a previous life Isaac was a astrophysicist, building data processing pipelines for large space telescopes.