31 January 2017

BtoBet presents industry first mobile intelligent augmented reality at ICE London.

Augmented reality has become one of the newer methods of delivering persuasive messages to a technologically minded audience. BtoBet has developed the perfect integration between the A.I. of the platform and the behavior of the player.

Mobile Augmented Reality games – such as Niantic’s Pokemon GO – gave rise to a new concept of gameplay in mobile gaming and familiarised people with this novel concept. The gambling industry is now catching on to the trend of augmented reality, but how can it grasp the real opportunity from AR?

BtoBet is going to launch its totally new augmented reality marketing tools at ICE, allowing operators to receive feedback on players behavior through the platform and propose tailored preferences through its Sportsbook & Casino Recommendation Engine.

BtoBet’s AR marketing tools

AR is a new way – more emotional, involving, and focused on the users’ preference - of getting the attention of the player using the mobile App.

• Btobet’s Odds comparison. Players can bet with the best odds scanning the logo, tapping on the operator’s best odds while on the go, and decide to go directly to the nearest betting shop or to bet straight on the online website. Operators can choose the position for geo-localisation points while Btobet’s AI tool for odds comparison gives them an easy to-use interface which focuses on what is important for the player.

• Bonus Hunting. Players can navigate and walk around in the real environment and focus on tags to find bonuses, superimposed over the real world. In this way they can collect bonuses in an augmented environment. This game is tailored to the specific requirements of Sportsbook and Casino operators and all the bonuses collected can be used directly online or to push players to the related nearest shops. Licensees can customize the value, position, look, geo-location, and everything else they need.

• Virtual Assistant. An avatar that comes out of the AR and communicates with the player. It can be totally personalized [skin, look, voice, clothes etc.] and any company can obtain and create its own tailor-made Avatar.

BtoBet will conduct live trial runs of its new AR marketing tools at ICE, booth S1 320.
Download the company’s AR white paper HERE for more information.