SEO: iGB and Blueclaw assess the betting tips market

1 October 2015

The search market for betting tips is highly competitive as it represents a major route to exposure for betting affiliates and operators.

iGaming Business and Blueclaw recently looked at the football betting tips search market and this week we decided to follow this up with an overall look at the betting tips search market.

For this, we used as our referring domain; unsurprisingly it’s outranked by many rival affiliate sites as well as a couple of major operators.       

Alex Humphries, Blueclaw’s Business Development Consultant, says: "Nearly every punter wants betting tips, whether they’re for horse racing, football or any other sport. As a result there are numerous tips sites available online, with some offering their tips for free and others looking for people to sign up to receive tips on a regular basis.

"The site fails to rank for any of the top 100 keywords driving traffic to the market. This comes as no surprise as it's competing with established tipping sites such as and as well as operators like Skybet and Betfair’s blog offering

" has a Trust Flow of 5, which means that few of the links pointing back to it are from high-authority domains. This is likely to have an effect on their overall ranking in the SERPs."

Looking at Google Trends, the increase in the amount of searches for ‘betting tips’ and 'football betting tips' in the past 10 years and, more specifically, the marked rise since 2011 illustrates how important the market has become.

Top level visibility
The graph below indicates top level visibility and identifies competitors. The data shows that has poor visibility in the betting tips market with no rankings in the top 10 results for relevant keywords.

Key metrics
This second graph details's performance as based against key metrics, including Trust Flow and Referring Domains. The dashed red line indicates the average market performance for each metric.

Visibility vs. competitors
This graph outlines's visibility against that of its competitors in the betting tips market. It details rankings in the top 10, average position score and number of indexed pages, and it highlights key differences.

Trust flow
The below compares the Trust flow, number of referring domains, .edu and .gov domains of and its competitors, which provides insight into the value and overall quality of backlink profiles.

Topical equity
The topical equity table offers an overview of's site performance in terms of topics covered and highlights opportunities for specific areas.

The below offers an overview of impressions that achieves vs. its competitors.

Social media
The graph below shows social media activity for the site under analysis vs its competitors.  This is based on the amount of shares, and not on the amount of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ a user has.

The conclusions below are based on performance in each specific area of analysis. is rated red, orange or green according to its main areas of strength and weakness.

Key phrases
The below shows the details all of the key phrases used for any keyword-related analysis in the report.