FlowPlay claims sports betting first in social casino market

18 September 2014

Virtual games and technology company FlowPlay has launched what it claims is the first ever sports betting offering in the social casino market.

The firm said that BetZone, which is available via its flagship social casino MMORPG, Vegas World, is the first virtual world and social casino offering that incorporates multi-player sports betting functionality.

BetZone allows players to bet virtual currency on professional sports events such as the NFL American football league and Major League Baseball’s World Series.

BetZone is also set to incorporate casual fantasy sports-related games, political betting on elections around the world and lifestyle betting on television shows and pop culture events.

During the beta launch of BetZone, FlowPlay said that 35,000 bets were placed and 20 billion coins were wagered through the service.

Derrick Morton, chief executive officer of FlowPlay, said: “Incorporating sports betting into our social casino virtual environments was a natural progression for FlowPlay and Vegas World.

“FlowPlay brings a multiplayer environment and games mentality to this genre, and no one has ever approach it in this way.

“Betting virtual currency is just the first sports play for us, and we're eager to bring more casual fantasy sports-related games unlike anything the industry has ever experienced.”