18bet adds new online gaming platform in Germany

6 December 2017

18bet has opted to launch a new online gambling website in the German market.

The new platform will feature a selection of sports betting options, in-play sports wagering, live casino games and various other games.

Players in Germany will also benefit from a selection of bonuses and promotional offers tailored to the national market, while all features from the dotcom site will be available to native German speakers.

18bet said that the launch forms part of its broader strategy to cater to specific markets by adapting its offerings, customer support services and content.

Ran Fodor, chief executive of 18bet, added: “Our content marketing strategists, professional design teams, and German consultants have been working hard to provide us with an expert offering in the form of a German version of 18bet.com.

“We have received positive feedback from German sports betting and casino fans, and we look forward to greater personalisation in other markets in the future.”

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