BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. We offer unique, customizable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive Sportsbook and iGaming business.
BtoBet has several offices in Italy, Malta, Macedonia and Serbia. The Technical branches of the company are in Skopje and Belgrade, with their large ever growing team of developers. BtoBet's dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing center.
We drive the businesses to the FIRST Artificial Intelligence iGaming dimension via our three unique products, B Neuron, B Konnect and B Retail and the suite of innovative solutions.
B Neuron is a dynamic platform which meets the demands of any kind of operator, whether it is an established fully operational company or a start-up. A powerful and advanced Sportsbook and gaming platform which radically changes all facets the operator's activity by sustaining and guiding him to make the best decisions for the management, acquisition and retention of players. Incorporates multi-currency and permits over 200 types of payment methods, and at the same time, its multi-jurisdiction value allows operators to manage their business content everywhere.
BtoBet’s clever Omnichannel platform, based on A.I., has a deep know-how coming from the online and retail world. It gives power to your players through your deeper insight into their data, preferences and wishes. To meet your players needs, you must set up effective cross channel data analysis tools.
With BtoBet’s Omnichannel solution you will deliver:

  • The right and tailored product
  • At the ideal time
  • For every single customer, online, mobile and retail.

Our portfolio of the gaming products, such as the Sportsbook Solution which is based on the B Neuron's AI, and the Virtual sports, give the exclusive possibility to benefit from complete access to Betradar's data feed, combining the offers of the main leading supplier of sports betting content together with an innovative Managed Trading Service and the enormous intelligence of our platform.
BTOBET has achieved gold certification status with BetRadar.
With our complete gaming suite, we'll enable our clients to deliver exceptional gaming experience through online, mobile and retail channels, improve player satisfaction, generate new revenue streams and help our clients differentiate themselves in the rapidly changing iGaming world.
Thanks to intelligent connections between our platform based on A.I. and the player’s behaviour, you can anticipate your customer’s desires and personalize the Omnichannel Gaming and Sportsbook betting offer according to his needs and expectations. Inevitably, the player feels special and protagonist of his tailored gaming experience.
With BtoBet’s clever Recommendation engine you can:

  • Customize each Player’s front end according to his behaviour
  • improve your service
  • increment players’ retention.

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