Atlantic Battle for Online Jackpot Dominance at InterCasino 

11 May 2003

Two mega-jackpot winners in one week from both sides of the Atlantic take $203,149.81 in InterCasino progressive jackpots. The first winner was British slot player ‘Suzilou’ who was smiled on by the slot gods to the tune of an instant $68,203,10. But not to be outdone, player ‘Rhocro’ from North America took home an earth trembling $134,946.71 just a few days later.

How did Rhocro almost double Suzilou’s jackpot, it wasn’t just luck, she simply got onto the InterCasino Shoot-O-Rama video slot machine when its jackpot was busting to pay out. The Shoot-O-Rama progressive jackpot resets to a default value of only $2,000, so when it climbs to stratospheric $134,946.71, Rhocro knew that she was onto a great value machine.

Suzilou on the other hand, said this about her fortune: “I was quite surprised at how much I won. Of course I was thrilled to have won such a big jackpot, but I do play rather often and I had won several smaller jackpots before…Since I had won before, I felt like I was playing with the casino’s money. I believe that people should bet what they can afford to; and if you keep winning you should keep playing.”

“I was at home when I won…” Suzilou continued, “…and I called up to my daughter when I realized that I hit the jackpot. She ran down because she got worried when I started calling her and then she saw what had happened. She couldn’t believe it.”

This is not the first time InterCasino players from either side of the Atlantic Oceans have competed for progressive mega-jackpot dominance, but it is a continuing example of how popular online progressives have become in both North America and in Europe. This year alone, InterCasino has paid out $2,272,342.31 in progressives and it looks like 2003 may be yet another record-breaking winning year for the players at InterCasino.

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